When The Smoke Gets In Your $$Eyes$$

Now that recreational use of marijuana has been decriminalized, the Nevada state legislature is considering a bill that will enable local authorities to issue permits to allow marijuana smoking in public places such as casinos. The bill (Nevada SB236) was introduced on March 6, 2017 and passed to the Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee for deliberation and debate before it is presented to the Senate for a vote. The title of the bill and brief description is presented as follows:
“Requires a license or permit issued by a local government to operate certain businesses in which the use of marijuana is allowed or to allow the use of marijuana at certain events.” (BDR 20-43)
The full text may be viewed at: https://legiscan.com/NV/text/SB236/2017.
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The Spiritual and Mythical Lands Around Us

On the last day of the full moon during March 2017, a few good friends had the privilege of visiting the newly formed Gold Butte National Monument. Our experiences were memorable beyond all expectations. Enhancements by the beginnings of an anticipated spectacular desert spring bloom; rock formations bathed in moonlight; a flickering firelight and stories shared with a visiting Gold Butte legend contributed to this mythical and spiritual commune with this land.

Memorable moments beg to be shared and I would like to remind everyone that just outside of Mesquite is a place called Nevada. The area surrounding Mesquite in the springtime is enchanting when the desert blooms. The variety of color and intensity of blooms exhibited on desert daisies, roses, various bushes and of course cacti is astonishing. You simply must open your eyes and your heart to the treasures that surround you and be a part of this enchanted land.

Not only does the vegetation display itself in all its glory, the landscape also appears alive with a display of fascinating shapes and colors. This stunning rock garden covers the area and provides a portrait of its geological history, ancient sea beds and violent volcanic upheavals. Ancient sand dunes that evolved into sandstone formations show their varied layers and mineral content in multicolored displays that are constantly changing in form and color from the effects of wind and rain.
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Never lie! Believe what you say!

This is a short “how to” on always speaking the truth.

First rule: Never lie!
Second rule: Be sincere! (no snickering)
Third rule: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat and Repeat, Again and Again!
Those are the rules, they are simple and they are the only rules. We must return to our childhood and explore how we came to know and to speak the truth. Do you remember your first imaginary friend? Your older siblings and even the adults in the family would accuse you of fibbing about your friend. But you stuck to your guns and told them that you speak to, hear from and see your friend. You told them that you believed that as the truth.
As you attained what some call an “age of reason” your imaginary friend, one would assume took a back seat or wandered off into never-never land. Now just hold on a minute… NOT SO! You know better and you know that friend is still around. He may have changed a little (not a lot really) and you still speak to and hear from him (I would use a gender-neutral description but he does appear to be mostly male). He helps you with everyday truths and how to tell these truths without ever lying.
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Obamacare – The Myth Revealed, ACA Not Repealed

The myths surrounding Obamacare range from death panels to covert communist (Russian?) activities. Paul Ryan talks about the “disaster” and the “pending doom” and gloom and the end of the world being caused by Obamacare. The repeal can be done with a stroke of a legislative pen, but the replace is a painful struggle. Apparently, there are millions that now understand that the more pressing challenge in their lives was not having insurance at all. Twenty million people have embraced the ACA and now will fight to keep it.
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