Elections 2020 – Its almost Final

The opportunities to put a voice to your choice will be gone in less than ten days. If don’t do it now what will you tell those that will write about it in the history books. What will they say about you if you decide not to be heard.

Is it clear that this is about voting for the good guys or the other guys. You know who they are! There is a lot of real information available.

Lets start with a speech made at Gettysburg








and end with one of the many episodes of the other guys deeds.

Don’t forget that there are others involved and they want you to help them get back into office. By now you know who they are and you know if they live on the bright or the dark side of the moon. Let sunshine always shine on those that have your back especially when you are hurting. This time may be the last time that you will be in a position to save the soul of the nation and the light of the world we still hope to have tomorrow.

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