Elections 2020 – America’s Most Consequential Election Contests

Elections 2020 – America’s most consequential election contest will be decided in less than two weeks. The election will decide what the future will be for America and also for the world. We witnessed the best and the worst of Americans during this struggle.

However a plague is upon us and for many of us our entire being is focused on the existential matters presented by a pandemic that is raging in the United States and most of the world.

We are again looking at disasters facing us like never before and the dire situation in Utah appears to be only the beginning and an example of what is yet to come. Today, October 19, 2020 in the state of Utah began like the last three weeks with COVID cases in excess of 1,000 per day. COVID deaths have doubled in less than two months. The State of Utah and the Trump administration seem to want to stay the course. No change in plans or better stated:  No plans at all. Utah hospitals are at or above capacity. Hospital ICU units may have to turn away, not just COVID patients, but patients with other potentially fatal conditions.
This drama has been reenacted since February 2020 in almost every state of the United States and in most of the world. Our fight against this pandemic and our climate crisis have not yielded a plan to resolve these critical life and death matters for every human being on our planet.

America and the world is in search of a plan. It is within our power to determine this plan and demand this plan of action to address our health and our ability to continue to thrive in our country and on our planet.
A proposal was made in July 2020.  The proposal outlines the deliverables that will stop our downward spiral into an abyss that will darken our nation for generations to come.

It is we that must enable this plan.  It is we that must demand this plans deliverables.  It we that must work together to execute this plan.    It is all within our power and all we need to do is just say so.  We have less than two weeks to speak up.

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