Elections 2020 – Nevada’s most consequential election contests.

Notwithstanding the local election contests, the most consequential election contests in Nevada are the congressional races and election races for Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court.

Steven Horsford the incumbent running for the US Congress in the congressional district 4, has served our area for two terms and is seeking a third.  We have recognized Horsford’s dedication to our district and he has served his constituents well in many consequential congressional initiatives and support for congressional actions that protect the rights and freedoms of our Nevada and our country.

We are pleased to have the congressman as our guest on the Mesquite Weekly.


Well know for his service to the state during his last two terms in the Nevada legislature and in criminal, civil and judicial law practices and services, Ozzie Fumo is seeking a position on the bench of the Nevada Supreme Court.  Fumo is a professor at the UNLV Boyd School of Law and has practiced law in Nevada since 1996.  He is well qualified and will bring a fair, balanced, reasoned and a non political voice to the rulings that will impact all Nevadans in these most challenging times.  Ozzie Fumo was our guest on the Mesquite Weekly on October 9th. We are pleased to present this interview.    


Clark County elections races that we also should pay special attention to,  is for a seat on the Clark County School Board.   Jeff Proffitt is seeking a position as Trustee on the School Board District B.  Proffitt’s election campaign message “kids over politics” is the driver of his campaign.  It is our pleasure to present the Mesquite Weekly interview with Jeff Proffitt.

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