What Is Truth ?

Truth is an objective measure of what things are and not a subjective measure of what we would like things to be. Truth is the true or actual state of a matter. It is in conformity with fact or reality. It is verified or undisputable fact, and an ideal or fundamental reality apart from and transcending perceived existence. Everyone can agree that truth has an ultimate value and truth as measure of all other values is paramount.

Ninety-three percent of all Americans, while strongly supportive of the objectivity of truth, unfortunately also support a subjective belief structure established by indoctrination in early childhood. An archaic notion of truth in fidelity and constancy persists in these belief structures. These archaic notions about truth are often expressed in the denial of facts and evidential matter and used to support unethical behavior.

Opinions are very often mistaken for truth, especially when presented in a loud assertive forceful manner. An opinion even with good intentions is not necessarily the truth. Do we have the right to an opinion no matter the facts or reality? In other words, do we have the right to tell lies? We all have opinions and feel free to express them, but do we need to fire them off without thought and intentionally or unintentionally deceive everyone around us.

It has often been argued that there is truth is in belief or faith. We like to believe things that make us “feel” good. Promises of great things even without any evidence or any substance are easily believed, because the truth is often the less attractive alternative.
We all know that this emperor has no clothes, but to recognize his vulnerability residing in the totally naked truth is almost unbearable. Truth simply is what it is… nothing less nothing more.

Truth is not an illusion and is not as elusive as it may seem. Truth is ascertainable by a very simply process and that process starts with questions. Questions that start with “what”, “how” and “when” are quite effective in getting down to the bottom of the matter that is to say: “the truth”. An oft used question starts with “why” but it is more often misleading and not always enlightening.

This writing starts with the first question. “What” is truth? Many of us have a ready answer to the question. We have found the truth and we no longer need to look for it.  As matter of not looking for any truth is that a lie that is repeated and entrenched in the culture becomes the truth by popular acclaim. This unfortunately is the path of least resistance and it precludes any further questions and any further information.

What follows is a retelling of the greatest story ever told. You may find it to be totally absurd and ridiculous and far from the truth, but it is only one of thousands of equally subjective and authoritative opinions on the same or many other old stories.  In that sense, it is also hilarious… Enjoy the read of “Believe It Or Not!” in the rants and raves section.

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