When The $moke Gets In Your Eyes – The Sequel

A full capacity crowd attended the Mesquite City Council Meeting on June 27, 2017 to show support or opposition to Resolution 928 to enact a moratorium on the July 1, 2017 deadline for the retail sale of recreational marijuana in the City of Mesquite. The City Council then discussed their resolve to delay the June 30, 2017 end of “Prohibition” of recreational marijuana retail sales. I suppose a resolve to declare a law is only as good as a law declaring a resolve. Mayor Al Litman who had introduced the topic in his mayoral address and comments stated that he strongly opposes the resolution.

Listen to Mayor Litman’s statement:

In a Pontius Pilatus type handwashing, Brian Wursten stated that “I am opposed to marijuana on a personal (moral) level”, but (now that is what I would call a pretty big BUT) he then proceeded to sanction the sale of recreational marijuana in Mesquite. Maybe it was more along the lines of “render unto Caesar” or there is a lot that “thirty pieces of silver” can buy. Ballweg further elaborated in a Microsoft classic declaration (are you sure?) and appealed to everyone to reconsider what might go wrong with these new-found liberties. The council members chimed in with Councilman Rapson and agreed with the now council majority sentiment which deemed selling drugs such as marijuana is good for business and we should not upset our business community. Listen to what they said:

And good for business it was on July 1, 2017 when recreational marijuana customers lined up and waited for hours at the one and only Mesquite retail marijuana shop. We spoke to mostly out state crowd from Utah and Arizona and ask what they intended to do with their stash. Most of the out of state customers honestly stated (you think) that they would not bring their product home because it would be a felony in Arizona and in Utah (more than an ounce). Did anyone detect a hint of the wacky weed among fireworks and tobacco smoke at the Eureka on the 4th of July?
Public comments in opposition were made by the Clean Air for Mesquite Organization and other concerned Mesquite residence who stressed to the council that public health and safety is being jeopardized by ignoring these know and well documented health and safety hazards the citizens of Mesquite are being exposed to. Here is what they said:
The City Council does not have the will to pass a meaningless resolution (unlike the antiquities act) to oppose marijuana but acted to accept the July 1, 2017 deadline without considering any further local regulation or council discussion. Ex-city council member Cindi Delaney chided the city council by calling on their acceptance and desire for a “Las Vegas Sin City” image for Mesquite. Here are Cindi’s words:
The values of a “sin city” image, are certainly not clear to the residence nor do the local businesses hold these as positive values for our community. We can understand the kind of money coming into the city tax coffers is hard to resist but sometimes we just need to look toward the higher standards that call for protecting the health and safety of Mesquite residents. The City council knows how to fix this problem and they know that almost 75% of Mesquite residents support a clean air ordinance which would protect our safety and health.  A clean air ordinance in Mesquite would more likely be seen as a positive attraction for our local casinos rather than as smoky places to avoid on the way to Las Vegas.

I propose a city ordinance that licenses (for a fee) and sets aside a few restricted areas that allow smoking of any kind and provide no other services within said area. The health and safety risks should be clearly posted in plain view and everyone entering said areas must be at least 21 years of age and sign an informative disclosure and waiver.

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