Elections 2020 – Its almost Final

The opportunities to put a voice to your choice will be gone in less than ten days. If don’t do it now what will you tell those that will write about it in the history books. What will they say about you if you decide not to be heard.

Is it clear that this is about voting for the good guys or the other guys. You know who they are! There is a lot of real information available.

Lets start with a speech made at Gettysburg








and end with one of the many episodes of the other guys deeds.

Don’t forget that there are others involved and they want you to help them get back into office. By now you know who they are and you know if they live on the bright or the dark side of the moon. Let sunshine always shine on those that have your back especially when you are hurting. This time may be the last time that you will be in a position to save the soul of the nation and the light of the world we still hope to have tomorrow.

Election Year 2020 – Voting has begun – Voters have 30 Days to Decide

With only 30 days to go and many candidates are seeking elected office,  time is quickly running out. This post is not for those of you that are well informed and know how you will vote and those that are not well informed and have made up their mind anyway.

The most difficult election campaigns to try to understand are the local races were you will appoint those that will impact your lives (probably) more significantly than any state or federal elected official. Media coverage is usually limited so we will chime in with interviews of candidates for city mayor, city council and the board of the Virgin River Water District and the Overton Power District.

Mayor Al Litman who is seeking reelection after serving for 6 years as mayor as well as a few years on the city council is up first.

Mayor Litman can also be heard on a daily basis speaking from the mayors office and keeping Mesquite residents on top of events of the day and updated issues of major concern.

We also spoke with Mayor Litman’s opponent, Bob Sweetin. Sweetin has served as the City of Mesquite Attorney for eight years and as a Clark County federal prosecutor.  He held numerous other position in Nevada that serve as more than qualifying credential for City of Mesquite Mayor.


Mayor Litman also received endorsements from Sandy Ramaker and Michelle Burchette.  Ramaker also commented on the city council,  water and power district election races.










Endorsements for Robert Sweetin were received from David Ballweg and Steven Lisk.  Ballweg and Lisk also commented on the other election races.











The only undecided contest for the City Council is for seat 5 and both candidates declined interviews or comments.

Water district candidate Mike McGreer offered insights and plans on how he will be of service to the water district.

Randy Laub did not respond to our offer to participate in an online interview.




Both Overton Power District 5 candidates for a seat on the districts board responded in the affirmative.

Mike Young offered an insightful look at OPD concerns and challenges and his plans to continue to provide and add to his six year track record with the OPD board.  Jake Knoll a newcomer to local politics also offered some creative thoughts on the directions that he would advocate for the district when elected and we will post his comments as soon as we can schedule and complete the interview.


We will continue provide more election news on the local contests.  The focus over the next two weeks will shift to the US congressional races in Nevada, Clark county and an election contest for the Nevada Supreme Court.  Please watch this space.