Election Year 2020 – Voting has begun – Voters have 30 Days to Decide

With only 30 days to go and many candidates are seeking elected office,  time is quickly running out. This post is not for those of you that are well informed and know how you will vote and those that are not well informed and have made up their mind anyway.

The most difficult election campaigns to try to understand are the local races were you will appoint those that will impact your lives (probably) more significantly than any state or federal elected official. Media coverage is usually limited so we will chime in with interviews of candidates for city mayor, city council and the board of the Virgin River Water District and the Overton Power District.

Mayor Al Litman who is seeking reelection after serving for 6 years as mayor as well as a few years on the city council is up first.

Mayor Litman can also be heard on a daily basis speaking from the mayors office and keeping Mesquite residents on top of events of the day and updated issues of major concern.

We also spoke with Mayor Litman’s opponent, Bob Sweetin. Sweetin has served as the City of Mesquite Attorney for eight years and as a Clark County federal prosecutor.  He held numerous other position in Nevada that serve as more than qualifying credential for City of Mesquite Mayor.


Mayor Litman also received endorsements from Sandy Ramaker and Michelle Burchette.  Ramaker also commented on the city council,  water and power district election races.










Endorsements for Robert Sweetin were received from David Ballweg and Steven Lisk.  Ballweg and Lisk also commented on the other election races.











The only undecided contest for the City Council is for seat 5 and both candidates declined interviews or comments.

Water district candidate Mike McGreer offered insights and plans on how he will be of service to the water district.

Randy Laub did not respond to our offer to participate in an online interview.




Both Overton Power District 5 candidates for a seat on the districts board responded in the affirmative.

Mike Young offered an insightful look at OPD concerns and challenges and his plans to continue to provide and add to his six year track record with the OPD board.  Jake Knoll a newcomer to local politics also offered some creative thoughts on the directions that he would advocate for the district when elected and we will post his comments as soon as we can schedule and complete the interview.


We will continue provide more election news on the local contests.  The focus over the next two weeks will shift to the US congressional races in Nevada, Clark county and an election contest for the Nevada Supreme Court.  Please watch this space.


Before We Vote – We would like to hear from You (the Candidate)!

Have you ever questioned any candidate (state, federal or local) on the issues that are of concern to you the voter? Do they reply to your email? Do they reply to your voice mails? Do they respond to you when you participate in “online” chat sessions?

Have noted that when the lead line in an email from the candidate appears to be an attempt by the candidate to engage in a conversation with you the voter, the dialog abruptly ends and goes no further than a donate button on the bottom line (a link to PayPal is often the end result)?
Have you ever wondered and ask yourself “are they after my vote or just my donation(s)”?

The candidates are very busy trying to get elected and often seem to be somewhat nonresponsive. They also seem to be unsure about many issues and tackling these questions by having their campaign managers reply on their behalf and that also seems as if they would rather not reply either.

The Mesquite Weekly would like to assist the voters and the candidates to work together. We will therefore take your questions and comments on your behalf and compile the questions and comments and forward them to the candidates for their responses and comments before November 1, 2018. We will then publish the answers by topic as well as the responses by the candidates.
The candidates are:

City of Mesquite

Sandra Ramaker – Mesquite City Council Seat 1
Geno Withelder – Mesquite City Council Seat 1
Dave Ballweg – Mesquite City Council Seat 3
George Gault – Mesquite City Council Seat 3
Annie Black – Mesquite City Council Seat 4
Karen Fielding – Mesquite City Council Seat 4

State of Nevada

Ryan Bundy – Governor
Adam Laxalt – Governor
Steve Sisolak – Governor

Aaron Ford – Attorney General
Wesley Duncan -Attorney General

Chris Edwards – Assembly District 19 and Joe Hardy – State Senate District 12 are the incumbents and they both do not have any serious challengers, however they were responsive in the past and we believe that they will continue to be responsive to your questions.

U.S. Senate and U.S. Congressional District 4

Dean Heller – U.S. Senate
Jackie Rosen – U.S. Senate
Cresent Hardy – Congressional District 4
Steven Horsford – Congressional District 4

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When The $moke Gets In Your Eyes – The Sequel

A full capacity crowd attended the Mesquite City Council Meeting on June 27, 2017 to show support or opposition to Resolution 928 to enact a moratorium on the July 1, 2017 deadline for the retail sale of recreational marijuana in the City of Mesquite. The City Council then discussed their resolve to delay the June 30, 2017 end of “Prohibition” of recreational marijuana retail sales. I suppose a resolve to declare a law is only as good as a law declaring a resolve. Mayor Al Litman who had introduced the topic in his mayoral address and comments stated that he strongly opposes the resolution.

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Act to Resolve and Be Absolved from Acting

A full capacity crowd attended the Mesquite City Council Meeting on June 27, 2017 to show support or opposition to two city council proposed resolutions pertaining to a “repeal and replace” of the Gold Butte National Monument declaration and an effort to enact a moratorium on the July 1, 2017 deadline for the retail sale of recreational marijuana in the City of Mesquite. Not to be outdone by the national effort to repeal and replace things, the Mesquite City Council decided to do its own “repeal and replace” in the form of a resolution to overturn the Gold Butte National Monument declaration. Mayor Litman was somewhat surprised and dismayed about the way that the resolution 927 was drafted and placed on the agenda without his knowledge. Mayor Litman also noted that he received some 100 phone calls and emails voicing opposition (99% opposed) to this resolution.

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