Elections 2020 – Nevada’s most consequential election contests.

Notwithstanding the local election contests, the most consequential election contests in Nevada are the congressional races and election races for Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court.

Steven Horsford the incumbent running for the US Congress in the congressional district 4, has served our area for two terms and is seeking a third.  We have recognized Horsford’s dedication to our district and he has served his constituents well in many consequential congressional initiatives and support for congressional actions that protect the rights and freedoms of our Nevada and our country.

We are pleased to have the congressman as our guest on the Mesquite Weekly.


Well know for his service to the state during his last two terms in the Nevada legislature and in criminal, civil and judicial law practices and services, Ozzie Fumo is seeking a position on the bench of the Nevada Supreme Court.  Fumo is a professor at the UNLV Boyd School of Law and has practiced law in Nevada since 1996.  He is well qualified and will bring a fair, balanced, reasoned and a non political voice to the rulings that will impact all Nevadans in these most challenging times.  Ozzie Fumo was our guest on the Mesquite Weekly on October 9th. We are pleased to present this interview.    


Clark County elections races that we also should pay special attention to,  is for a seat on the Clark County School Board.   Jeff Proffitt is seeking a position as Trustee on the School Board District B.  Proffitt’s election campaign message “kids over politics” is the driver of his campaign.  It is our pleasure to present the Mesquite Weekly interview with Jeff Proffitt.

Election Year 2020 – Voting has begun – Voters have 30 Days to Decide

With only 30 days to go and many candidates are seeking elected office,  time is quickly running out. This post is not for those of you that are well informed and know how you will vote and those that are not well informed and have made up their mind anyway.

The most difficult election campaigns to try to understand are the local races were you will appoint those that will impact your lives (probably) more significantly than any state or federal elected official. Media coverage is usually limited so we will chime in with interviews of candidates for city mayor, city council and the board of the Virgin River Water District and the Overton Power District.

Mayor Al Litman who is seeking reelection after serving for 6 years as mayor as well as a few years on the city council is up first.

Mayor Litman can also be heard on a daily basis speaking from the mayors office and keeping Mesquite residents on top of events of the day and updated issues of major concern.

We also spoke with Mayor Litman’s opponent, Bob Sweetin. Sweetin has served as the City of Mesquite Attorney for eight years and as a Clark County federal prosecutor.  He held numerous other position in Nevada that serve as more than qualifying credential for City of Mesquite Mayor.


Mayor Litman also received endorsements from Sandy Ramaker and Michelle Burchette.  Ramaker also commented on the city council,  water and power district election races.










Endorsements for Robert Sweetin were received from David Ballweg and Steven Lisk.  Ballweg and Lisk also commented on the other election races.











The only undecided contest for the City Council is for seat 5 and both candidates declined interviews or comments.

Water district candidate Mike McGreer offered insights and plans on how he will be of service to the water district.

Randy Laub did not respond to our offer to participate in an online interview.




Both Overton Power District 5 candidates for a seat on the districts board responded in the affirmative.

Mike Young offered an insightful look at OPD concerns and challenges and his plans to continue to provide and add to his six year track record with the OPD board.  Jake Knoll a newcomer to local politics also offered some creative thoughts on the directions that he would advocate for the district when elected and we will post his comments as soon as we can schedule and complete the interview.


We will continue provide more election news on the local contests.  The focus over the next two weeks will shift to the US congressional races in Nevada, Clark county and an election contest for the Nevada Supreme Court.  Please watch this space.


Turning Up The Summer Heat at the Casablanca in Mesquite

August is always hot in Mesquite and just when you thought the heat was just unbearable, EC Adams turned it up a notch at the Casablanca with the “Spreading the Love Tour – Music of the Seventies”. Actually the show was totally cool, given all the heat.  The audience was totally engaged in dancing and singing along with EC.  Memories of the 70s came flowing back rejuvenating the enthusiatic listeners and turning them into active dancer, shakers and movers.  



Here is the opening set of songs that you will recognize from the life and times of the melodies we grew up with – well some of us anyway (those with grandchildren?). 




Great entertainment and fun continued with a medley of more 70s melodies and and ending with a “Soul Train”.  Be sure to watch the second part of the show.  





Springtime in Mesquite with Music and Dance.

Mesquite Saturday Night Out with Spectrum at the Casablanca

Spring in the southwest comes early and everyone celebrates with song and dance and a bit of partying. Mesquitians know how to make the good times roll.
Saturday Night out in Mesquite can provide some real class entertainment and culture. Hats off to the Casablanca Resort and the Stateline Casino for bringing big city entertainment to our town. A sell out crowd came to hear a performance of Spectrum, a band from Las Vegas bringing you lots of oldies and MoTown retro. Mesquitians came to listen and to dance and party and sing along with the band.   Here are a few of the more noteworty tunes:

Mesquite Saturday Night Out with Bottoms Up at the Stateline Casino

We picked up the pace a few weeks after the Spectrum at the Stateline Casino in Mesquite where Bottoms Up was providing some C&W to move the dancin boots. C&W fans from Mesquite and the Virgin Valley area from southern Utah, Bunkerville and the Moapa valley came to sing along, dance and have a good time. On the left side you will find a samplin of the music and the dancin and the partyin. Hee haw and a yippy cay yay:

Earlier in March, Rock and a Roll from the 70’s was on tap at the Casablanca with REO Speedwagon retro performed by Rich Rath.

Wow what a trip down memory lane.






Also in March we heard from the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra (see our previous article) and the symphony performed again on April 6 to close out the season.


Springtime is a joyous season always and Mesquite celebrates this time (not to mention the other seasons as well) with a gusto. The talent that Mesquite attracts to the city is equal if not better than any larger town in the West.

The Southern Nevada Symphony plays in Mesquite

Mesquite Saturday Night

Saturday Night out in Mesquite can provide some real class entertainment and culture. Hats off to the Casablanca Resort for bringing big city entertainment to our town. A sell out crowd came to hear a performance by the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dr. Selmer Spitzer featuring guest soloist and pianist Dr. Christian Bohnenstengel from Southern Utah University. Some of Mesquites’ own local talent also performed in the orchestra. Please enjoy this magical musical treat.

The Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra was established in 2014, with its inaugural concert in Mesquite, Nevada at the Mesquite Community Theatre. Our (the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra) mission of the organization is to share our compassion and dedication for music with everyone.  Our purpose is to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to experience live music through professional concert performances. Along with good schools, libraries cultural components of the local areas, the symphony is a significant aspect of our cultural structure.

Dr. Selmer Spitzer, the musical director and conductor of the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra, is a native of North Dakota. He has been active in music since age 6 playing piano, and active in a country church choir since age 12, played tuba in high school. He switched to clarinet as a music education major at Lakeland College, Sheboygan, WI, attended Vandercook College of Music, Chicago, IL, and received his M.M.Ed, and then continued at the University of Sarasota, Sarasota, FL, where he earned his Ph.D. in Administration and Music Education. Dr. Spitzer studied under such well known musicians as arranger Forest Bucktel, percussionist, Haskel Harr, and clarinet from clarinetist and composer Edgar P. Thiessen.
He started teaching in high schools in Williston, ND, Spearfish, SD, Hanford, CA; accepted a position of Instrumental Music Director at Victor Valley College, Victorville, CA, as department chairman, conductor of bands and the High Desert Symphony Orchestra. After retiring he returned to North Dakota as Director of Instrumental Music at the University of Jamestown, Jamestown, ND, retired a second time and accepted an interim position as an associate professor, directing the Dickinson State University Wind Ensemble and Marching Band. Dr. Spitzer has organized string ensembles, and full orchestras in high schools and universities. He is credited for organizing high school honor groups in North Dakota, South Dakota and California including the North Dakota Intercolliate Honor Band. His passion continues to be conducting instrumental ensembles.

The featured and special guest for the February 23, 2019 performance was Dr. Christian Bohnenstengel.  Dr. Christian Bohnenstengel feels equally at home in a wide range of musical genres. He was recently featured as soloist in Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini with the Orchestra of Southern Utah. Christian is a founding member of Southern Utah University’s Faculty Jazz Combo Kind of Blue and frequently performs with Jazz ensembles and musicians throughout southern Utah. Praised as “…a master of contrasts…” (Aalener Nachrichten) and for his ability to “…put the audience into a state of sheer awe…” (Gmünder Tagespost), Christian’s performances have taken him all over the United States, to South America and to Europe.
Christian has performed on public radio and presented at state, regional, national and international conferences. Upcoming projects include a CD recording with clarinetist Dr. Jessica Lindsey that will be released on Albany Records. Christian received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Missouri Western State University. He earned Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His primary teachers include Jerry Anderson and Mark Clinton, piano, and Quentin Faulkner, harpsichord and organ. He has been Director of Keyboard Studies at SUU since 2011.

Dr. Bohnenstengel also serves on the SN Symphony Orchestra’s President’s Advisory Council as do many of our local area (Mesquite, St.George and Moapa valley) residents who perform, provide leadership and financial support for this world class symphony orchestra, our cultural diamond in the desert.

Visit the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra website for the many that have performed, worked hard and contributed financially and helped to bring this magnificent musical magic to our area.

Unleashing Hell from the “Gun Safe Zone” – Revisited Again, Again. Again and Again

Federal and state legislatures have liberalized gun laws and revised current laws pertaining to dangerous weapons. Recently, existing laws which prohibit a person from carrying guns, including assault weapons, without a permit or any restrictions, have been overturned and churches, schools, universities and even bars are no longer gun free zones.

It is almost impossible to buy assault weapons illegally.
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