The Virgin Valley Theatre Group Does “The Hallelujah Girls”

The Virgin Valley Theatre Group performed “The Hallelujah Girls” a hilarious comedy play at the Mesquite Community Theatre During January and February 2023.

The Hallelujah Girls was directed and we believe, also produced by Joy Craig, who was also responsible for the very funny introduction at curtain time.

The cast included some familiar faces from prior shows and a few newcomers adding even more sparkle to the twists and funny turns of this play.

An abandoned church-turned-day-spa is the setting for this hilarious southern comedy. The feisty females of Eden Falls, Georgia gather every Friday afternoon at SPA-DEE-DAH! where unexpected twists and turns challenge the women to overcome obstacles and launch their new, improved lives. This side-splitting, joyful comedy will make you laugh out loud and shout, “Hallelujah!”

If you didn’t see this fun show at the theatre, well then here it is in all its glory. En Joy!











After nearly a year in the making, the play you have been waiting for has finally arrived.

Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra Closes the 2022 Season with “A Symphonic Tribute to Peace”

The Mesquite Weekly proudly features the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra and presents a musical tribute and our hats off to the folks who bring big city symphony performances to our small corner of southeastern Nevada and the Virgin River Valley. The 2022 season closed with “A Symphonic Tribute to Peace” on April 23, 2022, at the Mesquite Community Theatre.


Dr. Selmer Spitzer conducted the orchestra and five pieces from the “Les Misérables” by Claude Michel Schoenberg were highlighted in the performance.

If you were not able to see and hear the symphony on April 23, 2022, here is a video of the entire performance for your viewing and listening pleasure. This is the final concert for the 2022 season.

The 2023 SNSO season will open in November 2022, and we hope to see all of you again this fall.

The SNSO finale featured an encore performance of “Do You Hear the People Sing” from the popular musical “Les Misérables”. The concert snippet is presented here for your viewing pleasure:

Beginning Spring with the VVTG presentation of the “Wedding Bell Blues”

The month of March is a time when life begins anew, and the Virgin Valley is awash with the colors of flowery blooms and the sounds of love are in the air. This is the story of such an event, and it is presented here as an original Musical Melodrama by the Virgin Valley Theatre Group. “Wedding Bell Blues’ or “How the Virgin Valley go its groove on”. It is presented here in its entirety for those of you who were not able to see it live during its two-week run-in March at the Mesquite Community Theatre.

The musical is also a look back to an era that many of us can barely remember. The producer/writers have recreated that time and jolted our memories with the music and the dress and the mannerism of the sixties in a most effective way. The play acting is unique and genuine. The costumes although somewhat over the top, are colorful and quite amusing. The music is true to form. The songsters are very talented and bring back a few of the oldies that will make this ride through memory lane … memorable. The half time entertainment is a joy to watch.

Here a few out-takes and they feature the performances of the Choir “Do You Believe in Magic” performed by Jerrie Clark, Mitzi Bender and Susan Kjellson, “You’ve Got the Magic Touch” performed by Maria Palmer and “I Got You Babe” performed by John Sadler and Kathleen Bartley and a special presentation of the Lifelong Dancers doing the Loco-Motion.

The Producer/Writers Nancy Arnold and Susan Kjellson told us their story and how they helped the Virgin Valley “get it groove on”. Nancy was also the Director for the play. You can hear them speak of the passion and the joy of putting this wonderful experience together just for our listing and viewing pleasure. More importantly, they had fun doing it.

Please join me in giving our thanks to the actors, singers musicians and the many behind-the-scenes volunteers who put on this show for our enjoyment and entertainment.

Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra Opens 2022 Season with “A Symphonic Holiday”

The Mesquite Weekly proudly features the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra and presents a musical tribute and our hats off to the folks who bring big city symphony performances to our small corner of southeastern Nevada and the Virgin River Valley. The 2022 season opened with “A Symphonic Holiday” symphony on February 19, 2022, at the Mesquite Community Theatre.



Concert Master Walter White was featured and provided a violin solo playing “Czardas” by Vittorio Monti.







Dr. Selmer Spitzer conducted the orchestra and six pieces from the “Phantom of the Opera” by Andrew Lloyd Webber and “God Bless America” by Irving Berlin were highlighted in the performance.


If you were not able to see and hear the symphony on February 19, 2022, here is a video of the entire performance for your viewing and listening pleasure.





Watch this space for information on the Symphony’s next performance on April 23, 2022.

Flat Top Mesa Long Distance Endurance Races – Spring 2022 Event.

They came to Mesquite from all around the country to participate in long distance running races on top of the Flat Top Mesa. Thirty-six runners gathered at the Virgin Valley water tank around sunrise and began their 50-km, 50-mile, 100-km and 100-mile (actually 104 miles) races by ascending the one-mile steep winding trail to the top of Flat Top Mesa.

Fast forward to late afternoon and the 50-km and 50-mile contestants who were nearing the finish line. Here are some thoughts from the finishers of those amazing accomplishments:


Following the sunset, the temperature plummeted, and the chill was further intensified by the winds kicking up from the northwest. Despite the cold, the dark and treacherous terrain, the runners continued their quest to throughout the night and the next day.

We returned the next day around sunset to cheer on the final runners along with their fans and supporters during this 35 hour+ push to the finish. The runners shared their experience with their comments:





The complete results of the 4 races and the 36 ultra-runners may be viewed on the ultrarunning website: Ultra Running Website

And so, the spring 2022 Flat Top Mesa Ultra Marathon comes to an end, and we celebrate this remarkable event and this beautiful end of the day with this:


The Symphony Is Back

The Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra is back.  It is the title of the Symphony’s first performance since March 2020 and a dazzling performance was turned in by the conductor Dr. Selmer Spitzer and the many talented orchestra performers.

Dr. Selmer Spitzer and his team of the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra (SNSO) have been providing a world class symphony for more than eight years. Much of the talent that is recruited by Dr. Spitzer is from the Mesquite, Moapa and Virgin River Valley. The November 13, 2021 “The Symphony is Back” provided a fantastic musical performance to a sold-out crowd at the Mesquite Community Theatre.

The performance was dedicated to Dr. Ann Rice. Dr. Rice has championed the cause of bringing world class entertainment to our local community and supported the symphony since its founding some eight years ago by serving on the SNSO board of directors and with generous financial contributions.



If you were not able to see and hear our symphony on November 13, 2021, here is a video of the entire performance for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Mesquite’s Flat Top Mesa – Rocks, Sandstone and Art

I am a frequent visitor to the Flat Top Mesa and have explored the area for more than 12 years. The Flat Top Mesa is exemplary of the magnificent beauty the Colorado Plateau and the river valleys that carved through the sandstone formations of the plateau. The mesa provides a spiritual reprieve from all that is below and one can easily be immersed and in complete solitude in this immense expanse.
Just below the Flat Top Mesa is a recently constructed road which I have frequented traveled. The road was cut through several small hills forming sandstone walls along that road.

A local artist noted that these walls provided an ideal medium for (“sandcastles” – remember how easy it was to sculpt and build in the sand on the beach) carving two and even three-dimensional images. The sandstone carvings were completed over the last three years with the grandest of them finished the end of February 2021.
Here is the Mesquite Weekly exclusive interview with the artist Pete Karns:

Last week I stumbled upon rock arrangement forming a small circular enclosure. Another nearby larger rock arrangement formed the writing “LOVE IS FOREVER”. And indeed, from the perspective of this expanse and from the viewpoint of the Mojave Desert flatness of the mesa with majestic mountains in the background and sweeping views of the mesa cliffs and the valley below, we are easily deceived by our senses and the temporal dimensions of our influence on this eternal place. The Anasazi, Hopi and the Paiutes have also left reminders of their presence in the area. More recent artistic endeavors were also noted by painted rocks left behind on and below the mesa by other unknown local artists.

Markers on our Mesa include a giant white V painted on a southeastern flat top mesa slope overlooking I15 by our current local population. The sense of permanence fades just like the fade of the petroglyphs and the realization that the V requires upkeep for its fresh appearance.
Kurt Vonnegut’s journey through time detailed in the authors book “Slaughterhouse 5” and my journey on the top of the flattop inspired these thoughts on time and our temporal influence on this place:

An event attended by some 100 and about 40 endurance run participants was held on the Flat Top Mesa on February 20 and 21, 2021. Please join me in our next edition of the Mesquite Weekly for the MW’s coverage of an event that is inspiring and exemplifies the apparent permanence and endurance of the flat top mesa.

Elections 2020 – Nevada’s most consequential election contests.

Notwithstanding the local election contests, the most consequential election contests in Nevada are the congressional races and election races for Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court.

Steven Horsford the incumbent running for the US Congress in the congressional district 4, has served our area for two terms and is seeking a third.  We have recognized Horsford’s dedication to our district and he has served his constituents well in many consequential congressional initiatives and support for congressional actions that protect the rights and freedoms of our Nevada and our country.

We are pleased to have the congressman as our guest on the Mesquite Weekly.


Well know for his service to the state during his last two terms in the Nevada legislature and in criminal, civil and judicial law practices and services, Ozzie Fumo is seeking a position on the bench of the Nevada Supreme Court.  Fumo is a professor at the UNLV Boyd School of Law and has practiced law in Nevada since 1996.  He is well qualified and will bring a fair, balanced, reasoned and a non political voice to the rulings that will impact all Nevadans in these most challenging times.  Ozzie Fumo was our guest on the Mesquite Weekly on October 9th. We are pleased to present this interview.    


Clark County elections races that we also should pay special attention to,  is for a seat on the Clark County School Board.   Jeff Proffitt is seeking a position as Trustee on the School Board District B.  Proffitt’s election campaign message “kids over politics” is the driver of his campaign.  It is our pleasure to present the Mesquite Weekly interview with Jeff Proffitt.

Election Year 2020 – Voting has begun – Voters have 30 Days to Decide

With only 30 days to go and many candidates are seeking elected office,  time is quickly running out. This post is not for those of you that are well informed and know how you will vote and those that are not well informed and have made up their mind anyway.

The most difficult election campaigns to try to understand are the local races were you will appoint those that will impact your lives (probably) more significantly than any state or federal elected official. Media coverage is usually limited so we will chime in with interviews of candidates for city mayor, city council and the board of the Virgin River Water District and the Overton Power District.

Mayor Al Litman who is seeking reelection after serving for 6 years as mayor as well as a few years on the city council is up first.

Mayor Litman can also be heard on a daily basis speaking from the mayors office and keeping Mesquite residents on top of events of the day and updated issues of major concern.

We also spoke with Mayor Litman’s opponent, Bob Sweetin. Sweetin has served as the City of Mesquite Attorney for eight years and as a Clark County federal prosecutor.  He held numerous other position in Nevada that serve as more than qualifying credential for City of Mesquite Mayor.


Mayor Litman also received endorsements from Sandy Ramaker and Michelle Burchette.  Ramaker also commented on the city council,  water and power district election races.










Endorsements for Robert Sweetin were received from David Ballweg and Steven Lisk.  Ballweg and Lisk also commented on the other election races.











The only undecided contest for the City Council is for seat 5 and both candidates declined interviews or comments.

Water district candidate Mike McGreer offered insights and plans on how he will be of service to the water district.

Randy Laub did not respond to our offer to participate in an online interview.




Both Overton Power District 5 candidates for a seat on the districts board responded in the affirmative.

Mike Young offered an insightful look at OPD concerns and challenges and his plans to continue to provide and add to his six year track record with the OPD board.  Jake Knoll a newcomer to local politics also offered some creative thoughts on the directions that he would advocate for the district when elected and we will post his comments as soon as we can schedule and complete the interview.


We will continue provide more election news on the local contests.  The focus over the next two weeks will shift to the US congressional races in Nevada, Clark county and an election contest for the Nevada Supreme Court.  Please watch this space.