Cross Partisan – Coming Soon But Will Not be Available in your Area.

Early in the legislative year the concept of cross partisan politics was loosely bandied about in Carson City. In anticipation of seeing the results of non-partisan politics in action I paid a visit to the Capital late in the 79th session of the Nevada legislature. I sat in on a few committee sessions and was reacquainted with the term cross partisan and also noted it in the passage of a bill of interest arising from the current healthcare debate and of also of note for the City of Mesquite and the town of Bunkerville.

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You Shall Know Them By Their Health Care Policies

In 2008 President Obama took office along with legislative majorities in both houses and a universal health care plan, single payer plan and eventually a buy-in to Medicare plan were high priorities on the legislative agenda. A compromise destined for failure (all too obviously torpedoed by the insurance companies) was hobbled together over two years of deal making and breaking and eventually passed without a mandate for universal participation.

Since the passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act in 2010 a resounding chant echoed in the halls of congress.

View from behind the Wall

Repeal Obamacare!

Six years later the chant was modified by the Trump campaign and it became “Repeal and Replace Obamacare” and “replace” was defined as “lower premiums and better coverage”. The Hillary campaign overwhelmed with “Benghazi” and “email issues” embarked on a campaign of carefully phrased soundbites regarding healthcare and a paranoid campaign staff obsessed with controlling the message about almost anything else.
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Obamacare – The Myth Revealed, ACA Not Repealed

The myths surrounding Obamacare range from death panels to covert communist (Russian?) activities. Paul Ryan talks about the “disaster” and the “pending doom” and gloom and the end of the world being caused by Obamacare. The repeal can be done with a stroke of a legislative pen, but the replace is a painful struggle. Apparently, there are millions that now understand that the more pressing challenge in their lives was not having insurance at all. Twenty million people have embraced the ACA and now will fight to keep it.
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